Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Solving error code 2,140,21 or 2140,21 on Canon printers

This error appears when the scanner is used.
  • "Printer is in use or an error has occurred. Check status. Scanner driver will be closed. Code : 2,140,21"

Solution 1:
  • On Windows: go to "devices"
  • Click on "Printer"
  • Click on "Stop printing".

Solution 2:
  • Reinstate the driver of the printer.

Solution 3:
  • Sometimes, replacing the cartridge could solve the problem.


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  2. Replace the INK to run a scan? You joking right? You want me to BUY ink to scan something into my laptop? How greedy can you get! My Cannon printer is about to go where it belongs, IN THE BIN!